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We provide 24-hour truck and car towing and roadside assistance services in La Puente, CA. With decades of experience, our expert auto technicians serve the City of Industry and Los Angeles county.

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At La Puente Towing, we’re your local car and truck all towing service that’s available 24-hours a day. In busy Los Angeles county, we live in a car culture, and we understand as well as anyone what can happen on the road. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving on the 405N, Santa Monica Blvd. or your local La Puente neighborhood street, you can run into unexpected car trouble and you'll probably need roadside assistance.

At La Puente Towing, we know there’s no worse feeling than driving over a nail and running looking for flat tire repair service while on your long commute to work. Or if you’re stuck in traffic heading towards Santa Monica on a hot Summer day and your car engine overheats, you drive over unexpected tire shreds, or even run out of gas. When these unfortunate situations leave you stranded on the road, give us a call and we’ll be right there to help you.

When it comes to hiring a dependable towing service, we understand you have options to choose from. After choosing a company, how can you tell if your car is going to be well taken care of? We’ve been in this business a long time and in our experience, we’ve run into competitors that offer certain pricing and services on the phone, only to surprise you with different information or hidden fees in person. When you work with us, rest assured that we put our customers first. We even recommend additional service repair companies that you can work with, for example, if you're involved in a collision, you may need windshield repair services or a general auto mechanic for extensive repair.

What we understand more than anything is empathy. With your busy schedule, you can call us day or night and we’ll provide you with the best 24 hr towing service around. We are experienced in dealing with every type of car trouble imaginable and offer a broad range of services.

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A lot of drivers may think that once you work with one tow truck company, you've worked with them all and there's no need to look for other service providers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are everyday drivers with kids and families just like you, and understand how frustrating or intimidating it can be when dealing with rude drivers and a disrespectful car towing company.

This is why we set out to be different and we want everyone to experience better towing services. Our experienced technicians are professional, helpful in any situation, and can help you throughout the experience, from the moment you call us to the moment we drop you off at your final stop. Our team is available to you when you need problems solved fast and efficiently. Our goal is to help more local drivers than other local towing companies in the area, with affordable pricing and without emptying your bank account.

Your trust means everything to our business and when you call us, we’re going to show up, and we’re going to help, because we know how important your time is, especially in Los Angeles. We understand car culture, and some of our customers have even needed long distance towing.

Through our effective communication, we can eliminate the stress and difficulty to dealing with car trouble and driver issues. So whenever you see the first sign of trouble on the road, trust that our help is on the way and we'll give the best experience for you and your vehicle.

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We provide our customers quality car services. Even if your car or truck doesn’t need towing service specifically, we will still be an excellent choice for other car related repairs and problems. We’ve helped thousands of local residents in La Puente with vehicle recovery.

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24 hour towing services

Towing for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and SUVs. We’ll pick you up and take you where you need to go.

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24 hour roadside assistance

From jump starts to overheated radiators, we’re available to help with smaller accidents 24/7.

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Flat tire repair

It’s very common to puncture a tire on any road in Los Angeles. Changing a flat tire is no problem for us.

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Lockout assistance

If you become stranded due to a key lockout or need fuel delivery service, we’ll arrive quickly on scene.

Long open road for long range towing

Local and long distance towing

Whatever distance you need to travel, we’ll always have the right towing option for you.

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Dead battery jumps

From extreme weather conditions to old batteries and parasitic draw, we can easily jumpstart your car.

Our tips for changing a flat tire

Flat tires are big inconveniences that every driver dreads, can can be much worse to deal with depending on where you are. There are over 220 million flat tires every year. But with proper knowledge and preparation, you can minimize the trouble and impact of a flat tire, should you encounter one, or even better, lower your chances of getting one in the first place. Here are our tips for what to do if you encounter a flat, or you can always contact us and we'll promptly come and help.

Before you need to call for flat tire repair
Periodically, look at your tires to notice if the pressure is low. You shouldn’t wait until your tires are looking flat before you tend to it. Driving on lower than recommended tire pressure greatly increases your chances of popping a tire. In your vehicle you should have with you, a lug wrench, jack, gloves, tire pressure gauge, and a flashlight.

When inspecting your tires, you should also check for cracks in the rubber, or any other cuts, punctures, and holes. Keep in mind also that front tires usually wear out faster than rear because they carry more weight, due to the engine. This means that you should have your tires rotated every six months. Most tires can last up to 60,000 miles.

After getting a flat tire
When you hear any uncommon grinding, grumbling noises as you drive, you should suspect tire damage, and start slowing down and make your way to the shoulder. Once you’re able to stop in a safe area, turn the emergency lights on and inspect your tire. To change it, follow these steps:

If you have a wheel wedge place it behind the rear tires if you’re changing a front tire, or in front of the front tires if you’re changing a rear tire. This will prevent the car from unnecessary rolling.

Next, remove the wheel hubcap, if you have one. Grab your lug wrench and loosen (but don’t remove) the lug nuts on the flat tire by turning them counter clockwise. These will be very tight, so be patient.Now grab your jack and place it under the car near the flat tire. You should raise the car no more than 6” above the ground.

Remove the lug nuts completely and carefully remove the tire and by pulling it towards you.Align your spare tire with the bolts and screw back on the lug nuts to be hand tight.

Lower your car until the tire touches the ground, then tighten the nuts further using the wrench.

Now lower the jack all the way and remove it. Check the tightness of the nuts again with the wrench and make sure the tire as adequate pressure before driving.

As you drive back on the road, after about 15 minutes, pull off to the side of the road once more and tighten the nuts again. Parts may have shifted around during movement.

Remember that your temporary spare tire cannot drive fast or long distance. Do not drive above 50 mph, or longer than 50 miles before finding an auto repair shop.

Our trusted partners

In order to advance our skills and increase our expertise, we collaborate and partner with other providers in the industry. This allows us to not only expand and share our knowledge, but we also get to recommend other quality services to you, should you find yourself in these locations.

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