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If your engine overheats and your car engine suddenly shuts down, you may be in need of a battery jumpstart. Give us a call and we'll easily jumpstart your battery.

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Battery jump start service

Most of us aren't car mechanics—luckily, that's where we come in. So when your car battery breaks down, it may be tough to figure out the cause.

Over time, the juice in your car's battery will drain, and will happen quicker if you don't drive the vehicle often. Reasons for this could be due to age of the battery, or simply because you left your headlights on overnight. Whatever the case may be, we'll help when the problem arises and can diagnose the cause for the malfunction.

If you're experiencing car battery trouble, or are in need of a jump start, we'll give you an assist and put the charge back in your battery. Battery jump starts are part of our general roadside assistance services and our specialists have a lot of training and experience in this area. Our goal is to provide you with affordable jump start services so you can get back on the road in a jiffy.

In the event you're able to attempt a jump start yourself because you have jumper cables and a nearby friend who can come to you, need to make sure you correctly hook up to the battery terminals. Doing this incorrectly can be very dangerous and can cause further electrical damage to the car, and yourself!

The most common question people have is "do I hook up red or black cables first?" To answer it, there are a few steps you need to follow:

1. Make sure moth ends are off in both cars. Attach one red cable to the positive terminal of bad car with the dead battery and attach the other red cable end to the positive terminal of the good car with the working car battery. Do not let the ends of the cables touch!

2. Clamp the black end to the negative terminal of the good car.

3. With the second black end, DO NOT to attach it to the negative terminal of the bad car battery. Instead, find a bare piece of metal, such as a bolt or the frame of the car, away from the engine fans or other moving parts.

4. Now you can turn on the engine from the good car and let it run for a couple minutes. After that time has passed, turn on the ignition for the bad car.

5. If the bad car is able to start effectively, you may first remove the black end from the good car, then the black end from the bad car.

6. Lastly, remove the red end from the good car, then the red end from the bad car.

Of course, if you need any professional assistance with this, let us know and we can easily jump start your car.

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